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Blue Boho

What's Included

Everything you need for an amazing slumber party with friends is included. Both full set up and DIY come with the same inclusions. Our beautiful handmade Teepees have lace or sheer sparkly covers. Our blankets are luxurious and our linen is crisp. The breakfast trays can be set up anywhere in your intended space and our lanterns and fairy lights light up so pretty as if you are sleeping under the stars. There's a matching letter sign with an easel for the special one,

along with so many matching accessories and decorations to make an enchanted

and magical teepee slumber party!

Handmade Teepees

Blankets & Linen

Breakfast Trays


Garlands & Buntings

Decorative Cushions

Birthday Present

Milk Bottles

Fairy Lights

Letter Sign & Easel

Air Pump

Fluffy Rugs

Chalk Board Hearts

Matching Decorations & Decor

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